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Attention rules of refractory brick arrangement

Author:Henan Jiuhuan Industrial Co. ,Release Time:2021-06-02

The first thing we encountered when we bought the refractory bricks back was the stacking problem. This not only made it easier for us to use, but also protected the quality of the refractory bricks to a certain extent. Then, how should we stack the refractory bricks, in general, there are three things we need to be aware of。

First, height. We believe that it is easy to understand the height is too high easy to crush the brick below, too low stacking area is too large, late movement is not convenient, the height is not more than 1.9 meters

Second, NEAT. Put Must Neat, also be in order not to crush the brick below, of course appearance also good-looking.

Number three, be close. That is, we try to put our firebricks near the building to be used, so that the distance is less, the possibility of secondary damage is also less.