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Henan Jiuhuan Industrial Co. , Ltd.

The company produces 100,000 tons of Refractory products a year, mainly in the production of Refractory. With more than 400 sets of major production, testing and inspection equipment, including 160M, 140m high-temperature tunnel KILN, 100m light brick tunnel kiln, 3 vertical kiln for burning environmental protection and energy-saving raw materials, 4 gas generating furnaces, 30-odd sets of 300-600 press and 30-odd sets of cutting and grinding equipment, automatic batching one-stop production line, 350m2 pre-group platform and advanced testing, testing, packaging and other supporting equipment.

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Show of force

Firm "Customer First" Service Concept, the urgent customer is anxious, want the customer to think, sincere to, nine ring industrial go all out to make you satisfied!