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Cast Nine Ring Brand, let the user satisfaction

Henan Jiuhuan Industrial Development Co. , Ltd. has a good business environment and high-quality professional personnel, the existing number of employees 866, of which 63 technical personnel, 39 senior professional titles, 45 intermediate professional titles, primary professional titles accounted for 45% of the total number, the Refractory is home to a large pool of highly trained professionals of all kinds who are required to work in the field. The company is based on science and technology, take the product quality as the fundamental, take the prestige as the aim, take enhances the user use value as the goal, wholeheartedly provides the high quality service for the General User, and sincerely welcomes you to visit the instruction.

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Customer Satisfaction for customer value-added

Firm "Customer First" Service Concept, the urgent customer is anxious, want the customer to think, sincere to, nine ring industrial go all out to make you satisfied!