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Carred gem high aluminum

Carred gem high aluminum

  • High temperature resistance
  • High plasticity
  • Environmental Protection

Raw Material:Alumina is more than 38% (usually 42-47%) and has a low iron and Alkali content


Application:Steel, Non-ferrous metal, glass, cement, ceramics, petrochemicals, machinery, boilers, light industry, electric power, military industry and other fields of the national economy are essential basic materials to ensure the production, operation and technological development of these industries, it plays an irreplaceable role in the development of high temperature industrial production

24-hour hotline:0371-68859855

Refractory brick of many kinds of raw materials, the main composition is divided into six categories: soil, stone, sand, ore, powder and other.

One of the raw materials, earth: Bauxite, Kaolin, clay, diatomite

Second raw materials, stone: Fluorspar, Kyanite, Andalusite, magnesium Olivine, vermiculite, mullite, pyrophyllite, chlorite, dolomite, sillimanite, Magnesia spinel, Silica

The third of the raw materials, sand: pottery sand, zircon sand, quartz sand, Magnesia

Raw Material IV, ore: Chrome Ore

Five of the raw materials, powder: metal aluminum powder, silicon powder, metal silicon powder

Refractory brick raw materials 6, other: Asphalt, graphite, Phenol formaldehyde resin, Perlite, floating Pearl, Sialon, corundum, silicon sulfate, silicon carbide, water glass, silica Sol, Boron Carbide, calcium aluminate cement, nitriding materials, shale ceramsite, alumina, alumina Sol, Zirconia and so on.