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Henan Jiuhuan Industrial Development Co., Ltd. participated in the 2021 national sintering pellet te

Author:Release Time:2021-07-06

From June 23 to 25, "2021 National Sintered Pellet Technology Exchange Annual Meeting (45th) and Tieqian Technology Innovation and Development Summit Forum under the Vision of Carbon Neutralization" was held in Zunyi, Guizhou.

This annual meeting and forum focused on the technological innovation and development of the sintering pellet industry with the theme of "carbon peak • carbon neutral". The experts attending the meeting focused on the development focus of the sintering pellet industry, and carried out brilliant keynote reports and in-depth and intense group discussions on how to solve the carbon reduction bottleneck and reach a carbon reduction consensus at the technical level.
Henan 9 ring industrial development co., LTD. Leaders and outstanding staff representatives attended this annual meeting and forum.

Before the beginning of the conference, Henan Jiuhuan Industrial Development Co., Ltd. as a member of the conference, warmly received the guests and guided them to the designated location.

During the intermission of the conference, representatives of Henan Jiuhuan Industrial Development Co., Ltd. communicated with customers, with a strong academic atmosphere.

At the end of the meeting, the participants of our company visited the meeting site in Zunyi and revisited the road of our party's rebirth in those years.

Henan nine ring industrial development co., LTD in the 100th anniversary of the establishment and the first year of "difference", to borrow "carbon carbon neutral target under the vision of peak before iron technology innovation and development" as the theme of the industry of BBS, development of more advanced technology, low carbon efficient and applies these techniques to the actual steel production, for our country to realize the goal of "double carbon" as soon as possible, And to achieve high-quality economic development and promote the improvement of the ecological environment to contribute to our own strength of Henan Jiuhuan.