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A brief account of the symposium on shaft furnace refractories of Xi'an Jiadexin Group

Author:Henan Jiuhuan Industrial Co. ,Release Time:2020-10-29

October 27,2020 Xi'an Jiadexin group seminar on shaft furnace refractories was held, division I and several well-known shaft furnace refractories manufacturers were invited to attend as scheduled. The meeting discussed and analyzed comprehensively the choice of shaft furnace type, refractory material and brick type, the problems existing in the operation process, and the problems needing attention in the construction and production process of shaft furnace refractory, and put forward a series of improvement suggestions and suggestions.

At the meeting, Xi'an Jiadexin Group gave full affirmation and approval to the Construction Organization and After-sales Service Work of the shaft furnace body of Jiahui Pellet in Shaanxi, the largest shaft furnace in China, which was responsible for the construction in December 2019. In view of the current situation of the domestic refractory industry, with years of rich experience in the refractory industry, the selection of materials for shaft furnace refractory, furnace design, and our unique spray technology were introduced in detail at this seminar, at the same time, our construction technology program has been Xi'an Jiadexin Group, Shaanxi Jiahui Mining Technology Co. , Ltd. and other refractories peer unanimously recognized.

The successful convening of this meeting has certain guiding significance for the future construction, production and middle and later period management of domestic pellet shaft furnace. All the participants expressed their hope to strengthen mutual communication and learning in the future and to make continuous progress and win-win results in their cooperation.